Project: Los Angeles State Historic Park




Los Angeles State Histroic Park

Location: Los Angeles, California

Recognizing the importance of urban open space and conservation, the city of Los Angeles and the California State Parks Department have dedicated a 32-acre site in the heart of the City to recreation, education, and sustainability. Working closely with Hargreaves Associates, Sherwood developed a strategy to successfully integrate the site engineering into the urban fabric of Los Angeles. A complex system of water resource management and recycling was devised, including steps to improve the quality of the LA River adjacent to the site. Base flows from the river will be utilized to sustain wetlands within the site and enhance their habitat, and a “greenstreets” program is being implemented in the neighboring community to optimize stormwater collection and enhance the urban landscape of downtown Los Angeles. Sherwood is providing comprehensive sustainability and civil engineering services for this project.

Image Credit: Hargreaves Associates