San Jose, California


Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Design Partners

Office of Cheryl Barton


4.5 Acres

About this Project

Sherwood worked with the Office of Cheryl Barton and the San Jose Redevelopment Agency on the Guadalupe River Park – Arena Green. This 4.5  acre project site is bounded by the Guadalupe River to the west and Guadalupe Parkway (Hwy. 87) to the east. The park design studied accommodating a Cirque du Soleil show a few months of the year, which required that park layout and materials meet Cirque’s standard specifications. During the Cirque’s off-season, the park is to transform to accommodate other active and passive uses. Sherwood participated in the feasibility studies, provided conceptual level engineering design, and led the development of a comprehensive hardscape materials matrix that evaluated the cost/benefits of numerous impervious, pervious, permanent, and temporary paving systems to be used in different programming areas.