Project: Packard Foundation






Packard Foundation

Location: Los Altos, California

Designed for the Packard Foundation, this building in Los Altos, California is a leading model of sustainability and green design. The LEED-Platinum project aims to achieve a net-zero energy use and complete carbon neutrality. Sherwood worked with the team to advance multiple sustainable systems, including water reuse, rainwater harvesting, green streets, stormwater infiltration and treatment, and pedestrian safety improvements. As part of this project, a 550-foot length of public street was redesigned to include rain gardens adjacent to the street that treat road runoff, and four surface parking lots retrofitted with vegetated swales and infiltration basins to treat stormwater runoff. In addition, Sherwood was responsible for sustainable systems integration, grading and drainage design, site utility design, and deconstruction.

Image Credit: Jeremy Bittermann