Project: Kaiser Permanente




Kaiser Permanente
Small Hospital, Big Idea

Location: California

Sherwood Design Engineers, working closely with Perkins + Will, and Mazzetti was part of the winning team selected out of over 100 entries for this international competition to design a new vision for Kaiser Permanente’s hospitals. Sherwood’s vision for the hypothetical project site and ecology were an important part of the team’s selection as a finalist. Sherwood proposed integrating the site into surrounding greenways and using it as a seed for fostering the rebirth of the site’s formerly verdant ecosystem that had been degraded to near desert-like conditions by years of farming and urbanization. Sherwood analyzed the existing and potential species and their corresponding habitats to create specific niches on the site that would evolve over time. Sherwood designed a series of LID stormwater treatment features, and worked to understand the site’s hydrology to design an intentionally flooding zone that would distribute nutrients and slowly rebuild local vegetation and vitality.

Image Credit: Mazzetti & Perkins + Will