Project: LA Valley College


LA Valley College

Location: Los Angeles, California

In the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Sherwood collaborated with SWA Group on the master plan for Los Angeles Valley College. We performed an ecological and resource services analysis to assist the campus in their ongoing planning efforts. Based on the regional conditions and the proposals outlined in the master plan, we identified the four project elements that would have the greatest benefit to the environment. These are: water conservation, restoration of the hydrologic cycle, heat island/ energy use management, and enhancement of the ecological diversity. Following the framework of an urban forest assessment, we identified the existing and potential resources within the site. From these we recommended the strategies that will capitalize on these resources in the context of the regional environmental priorities. The final product included a quantification of the benefits to these strategies such as tons of carbon sequestration, percentage of air quality cleansing, volume of groundwater recharged and energy/water conserved.