Berkeley, California


University of California Berkeley

Design Partners

CD + A Architecture


2 City Blocks


Completed 2015

About this Project

Sherwood Design Engineers, with CD+A Architecture, worked to improve the streetscape fronting the University Campus while introducing LID strategies to minimize the project’s footprint and address stormwater quality and management. Bancroft Way is the southern border of the campus and is in direct interaction with downtown Berkeley. The sidewalk along the northern side of Bancroft Way represents a main pedestrian access corridor between public rapid transit, university parking facilities, a number of destination nodes for University buildings and the University football stadium. For these various reasons, the University looked to enhance the pedestrian experience including widening the sidewalk to greatly improve safety of the users. As part of Sherwood’s low impact approach, the sidewalk widening was achieved while introducing stormwater quality BMPs to a portion of the campus where it previously was nonexistent. Sherwood’s innovative approach to sidewalk grading and coordination with existing utilities to remain also resulted in eliminating regrading of the street travel lanes and greatly minimized the necessary adjustments to existing utilities access manholes and vaults lids resulting in substantial cost savings.