Who We Are

Website_image2Josiah Cain
Director of Innovation

Josiah Cain serves as Sherwood Design Engineers’ Director of Innovation. A student of design, ecology, and technology, his sustainable design experience and multi-disciplinary approach provide insight and opportunities for optimization of site and structure. Josiah’s inherent drive for enhanced systems performance and integration has led to first of a kind permits in over a dozen jurisdictions. His work has provided advancement in the areas of rain harvesting, graywater, blackwater reuse, living roofs and walls, native plants, sustainable stormwater management, food systems, and sustainable materials.

In addition to his efforts managing Sherwood’s Innovation Program, he provides strategic design on a variety of significant projects, with a focus on campus and large-scale urban projects. His project credits include the design of on-site wastewater treatment wetlands and water reuse systems for a high-density corporate campus as well as living architecture applications at the California Academy of Sciences, University of California, and Duke University.

Josiah is a licensed landscape architect with over 20 years of direct experience in the sustainable design industry. Known as a visionary ecological integration strategist, he regularly presents at universities and conferences addressing building ecology, green infrastructure, and sustainable site development. He is sought after for sustainable design innovation, integrated water management, and high-performance building ecology.

In support of his extensive experience, Mr. Cain holds degrees from both UC Davis and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He occasionally teaches courses and workshops in green roof design, landscape architecture, sustainable stormwater, permaculture, integrated water management, and advanced sustainable design.