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Sherwood Design Engineers is a 21st century civil and environmental engineering firm with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Houston.

Sherwood is a site civil engineering practice committed to the optimal integration of ecology, infrastructure, and design. We were established in order to provide a new generation of infrastructure services focused on both planning and implementation. Regulatory and economic viability form a foundation for our designs that are forged on a collaborative platform critically informed by users and the community context. The firm has implemented net-zero green building projects, district infrastructure, new street standards, and many sustainable civil projects throughout the world. Sherwood has worked on over thirty award-winning projects and has seen its work published internationally.

We specialize in water management strategies, green building design, and urban planning.  We document site infrastructure as well as master plan engineering solutions at a campus, neighborhood, and district scale.  Important to our engineering practice is our ability to span building and landscape. Our recommendations minimize the consumption of all site resources— carbon, energy, water, and waste.  Sherwood works collaboratively with project teams to find ways to maximize efficiencies through an integrated and ecological approach that results in high performance buildings and landscapes recognized for function as well as aesthetics and user experience.