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Sherwood Gallery Presents “Rejoined” a presentation of new work by visual artist Kathleen Posada Weber
June 8th, 2017 by Eddie Scher

For Immediate Release

June 9, 2017

Eddie Scher, Sherwood Gallery,, 415.815.7027
Henry Pontarelli, Sherwood Gallery,, 805.595.1345

Sherwood Gallery Presents “Rejoined” a presentation of new work by visual artist Kathleen Posada Weber

[San Francisco, CA] Sherwood Gallery announces a new show with works by San Francisco-based artist Kathleen Posada Weber. “Rejoined” considers the concept of modern perfection seeking and image. The significance of flaws, both perceived and actual, inspire the aesthetic language of the pieces presented. Precious materials and color are employed to contemplate these perceptions and reflect on a reframed perspective; while three of the most historically important blues, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue and Lapis Lazuli dominate the body of work and set the mood of the exhibit.

Kathleen Posada Weber, who studied fine art at the Slade in London, cites her childhood experience in Los Angeles, the influence of the surreal culture of Hollywood and the surrounding suburban expanse, in promoting creativity while hindering her sense of reality.

“It was a time and place of paradoxes, and the joy of illusion was a completely normal state of mind, and some might even say a compulsory part of growing up in La La Land,” says Weber. “I began painting in my mid-twenties, paralleling my fashion career and as my professional creativity evolved, so did my desire to realize my personal and pure artistic expression unhindered by commercial or conventional applications.”

In addition to the main gallery, Sherwood Gallery is also presenting “Clouds,” pieces by artist Lauren Mendez, focusing on the atmospheric quality in the air and sky, resulting in a minimal ‘scape where the mood or emotion is conveyed through a loose painting application. The dramatic subject matter of sky, clouds and weather contain a rich quality of feeling and memory.

Sherwood Gallery, 58 Maiden Lane in San Francisco, presents a hybrid between the experimental and professional landscape, where visual artists are given the opportunity to explore an interdisciplinary practice that contributes to the cultural discourse of the Bay Area community. Through the facilitation of lectures, screenings, panel discussions, and relational events, Sherwood’s program creates an active exchange of ideas reflecting on the global scope of contemporary art. The Sherwood Gallery is open by appointment.

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