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The SF Office Goes Back to College
June 24th, 2014 by admin

Currently, the University of California, Berkeley is revitalizing a large and busy part of campus called Lower Sproul. This project costs around $223 million and is funded by current and future students through extra fees in tuition (source: At a time when tuition hikes are a sensitive topic, the student body made the progressive decision to raise their own tuition fees in order to provide an innovative and valuable resource to future students. As a result, this project has an outstanding amount of support and buy-in from the students on exactly what they want. From stakeholder meetings with the students it was very clear that sustainability and responsible water management was a primary concern. (more…)

Alta Laguna Site Visit in SF!
June 19th, 2014 by Sherwood

The following is authored by Sherwood New York Intern, Anna Kramer.

While visiting the office in San Francisco, I was given the opportunity to tour a project site with Miwa Ng, a design engineer at Sherwood. The project site is located at 100 and 218 Buchanan St. on the edge of the Lower Haight District and extends a full square block. When the building is complete, it will be a multi-family residence and green space.  I saw the site in the midst of construction that  began last summer and is expected to last through 2015.